Espenschied Chapel 317 N. County Road • P.O. Box 347 • Mascoutah, Illinois 62258

Rent the chapel


The chapel is a great place for a small wedding. (It is not a church and not affiliated with any churches -- but  it is has a beautiful, simple elegance like a little country church.)


And not just for weddings... consider the chapel for meetings and private parties. The chapel's new addition makes the chapel accessible. And the new room is ideal for small, catered receptions.

There is still a kitchen downstairs.


Note: we have a new policy now, requiring the rent to also be paid in full at the time of signing the rental contract.


The $100 security deposit will be refunded afterward if all the contract terms are met.


For further details, about rental prices contact us.


Download a copy of the rental contract here.

Photo courtesy of Larissa Photography

Espenschied Chapel 317 County Road • P.O. Box 347 • Mascoutah, Illinois 62258