Espenschied Chapel 317 N. County Road • P.O. Box 347 • Mascoutah, Illinois 62258
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This new addition allows the chapel to fulfill its original mission: to be a cemetery chapel. It will also give more visitors a chance to enjoy this local gem. Espenschied Chapel is intact, with the exception of a new doorway to enter from the totally accessible addition. The new area is at the same elevation as the main floor of the chapel and includes restrooms, a green room, a small warming kitchen area and an area large enough to seat 60 people at round tables for luncheons. (An important part of a funeral is the luncheon!) More tables could spilled into the chapel area. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project! The build part has been completed. The new addition and the lovely sloping sidewalk has added so much more functionality to the chapel. And many have commented that it feels as though it always belonged there. We credit that to the great design work of our architect, Gary Karasek. While the construction phase has been completed, we still have more work to do. Gutter work, plaster repair (and will need a new roof withing the next few years) and hand rails for the new sidewalk with steps from the parking lot are the most urgent. We would love to purchase stage lighting and add some additional sound equipment, a good vacuum cleaner, additional tables and tablecloths, a mini fridge for the green room, recycle bins, good door mats, a big screen tv for presentations. We envision a lovely patio area and memorial garden as well. But at this point in time, we have to make careful spending decisions. We are also reviving the memorial brick campaign, with the generous help of Lager Monument Company. With a donation of $100, each memorial brick can be engraved with a maximum of 13 characters per line, with up to three lines. Spaces & punctuation count. To order, mail a check and the inscription to the chapel P.O. Box 347, Mascoutah, IL 62258 or place order at the chapel in person when we are having a program. Please include how to contact you to confirm the inscription. (Multiple wide letters in one line may require an extra space As, Ms , Ws, Ys.)
Espenschied Chapel 317 County Road • P.O. Box 347 • Mascoutah, Illinois 62258